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Smart. Theatre. Improvised.

Who is Theatre Momentum? Hailed as "a worthy alternative to what you'll find at improv mainstays such as i.O. or Annoyance," Theatre Momentum strives for work that is theatre that happens to be improvised. For a little about our history, click the About TM tab. Welcome!

What's happening at Theatre Momentum?

There  has been a lot going on at TM in the past couple of months.

We have moved out of our old studio in the Cornelia Arts Building, and our new studio, Pendulum Space, is now open!


We'll be starting our new show, Consequence, in March, and we'll soon have a new stage built, improv classes, and the 15 Hour Project! This year has a ton going on. See you at Pendulum Space!

Pendulum Space now open!

Theatre Momentum's new rehearsal/performance studio is now open! Pendulum Space is our new home for TM productions, workshops, and rental space for both rehearsals and shows.

Pendulum Space is an improved home for TM and shows and rehearsals that we host.

The studios rent for some of the lowest rates in Chicago. Available now for rental for your next rehearsal or performance!

Our new space is located half a mile north of the old Theatre Momentum studio, at 1803 West Byron Street, Suite 216.

It is a major upgrade from the space we called home for 5 years. We hope this studio will be our new home for many years to come. Help us out by renting it out for your rehearsals, workshops, or shows! Great rates, free parking, on-site personnel, and more to come!

  Stage studio- The view from House Left
(Raised stage coming soon!)

  The view from Stage Left
(Raised stage coming soon!)

  Back Studio

  Front Studio


Opens March 21, 8 PM on Friday and Saturday nights

Consequence is Theatre Momentum's next production, an ongoing serialized performance, with every actor playing the same role throughout the production. Each week’s performance will fold in the narratives of the previous performances, creating an expanding world of complex lives. Actions have consequences.


Tickets on sale soon.

Improv as Theatre classes

Coming Soon!

We put these on hiatus, but they will be coming back shortly after our next show opens, so keep an eye out!


Theatre Momentum's Improv as Theatre class series will teach you the skills to create performances that are believable, seamless, smart, and treat improv as a powerful tool to create instant theatre. To find meaning in every movement and expression. To mine your own personal experience to flesh out your characters. To explore your environment and subtle turns of language and staging that are heavy with meaning. TM also allows performers more stage time to develop characters and dialogue worthy of a scripted play, with actors creating characters they will keep for an entire 45 minute performance.

Classes starting soon. Keep an eye out here for details, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for updates!

The 15 Hour Project

Coming Soon!

We have done the 15 Hour Project ever year since 2005. This year will be no different. We have a few new things in store, though, so we hope you'll join us later this year!

Theatre Momentum's 15 Hour Project is our signature day-long event in which improv students join one another and some great Chicago improv directors for a day of workshop, rehearsal, and performance. Develop a show from scratch and put it onstage in 15 hours! It's our answer to the 24 hour play events done by many theatre groups. We hope you can join us!

Keep an eye out here for details, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for updates!