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TM's internship program is on hiatus until 2011, but we are accepting applications for next year.

To apply for an internship, please fill out this application and email it to internships@theatremomentum.com. Thanks!


Internships are unpaid, but are compensated in kind, with classes and/or free rehearsal space.


We need many hands to handle the work at TM- lots of maintenance at the studio- sweeping, mopping, taking out trash, etc.; help with promotions- posting flyers, handing out handbills at events, festivals, etc; helping with performances- set-up/breakdown, helping out stage manager; helping set-up/breakdown for the Kinetic Jams, building out the studio- painting, building a wall, etc. In return for such work, interns can get free space at the studio for their own rehearsals, or free passes to the Perpetual Motion Workshops of their choosing (first come, first served, of course).